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About US

Arabella Arts, a classical management agency, is a partner to artists and presenters alike.

Our passion is building relationships founded in talent and creativity. Our aim is to provide strong support, guidance, and inspiration, according to individual need. Centered in core management, our expertise extends to carefully thought-out projects including event production, tours, intellectual property and content, and corporate sponsorships that holistically complement our artists’ careers.

Founded by Stefana Atlas and Samantha Scully, Arabella Arts looks to honor the legacy of classical music while promoting its future.

Advisory Board

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Our Team

Stefana Atlas

Managing Director & Founding Partner

Stefana Atlas is a leader in the music industry specializing in orchestra and artist management, artistic planning, and fundraising.

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Samantha Scully

Managing Director & Founding Partner

Samantha Scully is a manager, performer, and producer with an intimate, forward-thinking perspective on the changing demands of the industry.

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Guiomar Blanco

Head of European Strategy, Artist Manager

Guiomar Blanco is a manager, pianist, and musicologist with 20 years of international experience and a 360º understanding of the music business.

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Ina Marija Ubaite

Head of Special Projects and Partnerships, Artist Manager

Ina Marija Ubaite is an artist manager, partnerships strategist, and producer. Initially trained as a classical pianist, she brings with her over a decade of global genre-agnostic music business experience.

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Samir Nikocevic

Head of External Affairs

A classically trained pianist and artist manager, Samir Nikocevic maintains an ever-growing network of relationships with musicians, orchestras and presenters in both the United States and Europe.

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Anastasia Domerego

Associate Manager

A fusion of visionary creativity and meticulous organization, Anastasia Domerego offers a decade-long expertise in project management, event planning, and production.

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Joshua John

Associate Manager

Born with a drive to excel, Joshua John has always surrounded himself with thoughtful, talented, and motivated professionals.

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Laura Vivio

Artist Manager

Originally from Italy, Laura completed her education in the United Kingdom, graduating with a First Class Bachelor of Arts in European Studies from Royal Holloway University of London, and a Master of Arts in Text and Performance from RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art)

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